Bureau turned Printmaker’s Media Stand

I am so excited to share what I’ve been working on for the past week! Thanks to Joanna Gaines, I’ve been obsessed with Apothecary and Printmaker’s style cabinets and have been on the hunt for one for our home. They’re actually not easy to find online! Restoration hardware sells one, but I was not about to spend over $1000 for a media stand... and the wood stain wasn’t quite right for our home. I stalked all of the typical stores online... but nothing was quite right. So, I decided to find an old bureau and make my own! PSA: I have never done something like this before, so bear with me!


I got really lucky... this whole project was made way easier by the fact that we ditched cable and switched to Hulu. I was originally going to turn the top drawers of the bureau into a drawer face that opens up, for the ability to control the cable box. But now that we don’t have one, I was able to keep it simple and leave the drawers as-is. So, I started out with the bureau on the left, that I bought from a second hand shop for $50. I removed the knobs and sanded it down- I used a palm sander- to remove the dark stain. I then gathered the following materials, shown below: 


Next I had to do a little math to figure out the sizes of the wood veneers I would be glueing to the front of each drawer face. There’s a 3/4” gap between each drawer, and I wanted to keep that same spacing between each veneer, for a uniform look. After a little division, I figured out exactly what size to make my cuts- ahem for my husband to make the cuts for me. That was his job!! After making the cuts, I glued the veneers onto the front of each drawer face, and plugged the previous drawer knob holes. 


Next for the staining! I only stained the veneer pieces, because they were slightly lighter than the frame. After staining, I sprayed a poly (shown above) on the entire thing to seal it. I did one more round of light sanding on the drawer fronts and top of the bureau, one more spray of poly, and that was the bulk of the work! I found the drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby, and the file cabinet labels at a local antique store. I had originally wanted all antique pulls, but I wasn’t able to find enough that somewhat matched locally, and I decided to go with an iron pull to match the hardware throughout our home. 


This project was sooo worth it! Including the price of the bureau, we spent just under $100. I think that’s a win! Let me know what you think!


xo, Stephanie