Ditch the Scale!

In most cases, your weight has very little to do with how healthy you are. In fact, I think a scale is both physically and mentally an unhealthy item to have in your home, and I'll tell you why. As I write this, I have an idea of how much I weigh, within a 10 pound range, but I do not have a scale and I don't think you should, either! If you're thinking, "well she doesn't need a scale because she's in shape..." NO! You don't need a scale, either, and your mind & body will be much happier without one! Reasons why I ditched the scale and you should to:


1. "Client X lost 10lbs in a week!" - Guys, when I see this I totally cringe. It's just the worst and soooo wrong. Whether you've started taking one of those "magic pills" or meal replacements for weight-loss, or it's a new workout routine and just eating clean, whole foods (I HOPE IT'S THE LATTER)... the huge jump on the scale you'll see in the first week or two is in fact water weight. I don't mean to burst your bubble, but it's the truth. Client X will not continue to loose 10lbs a week for 6 months, unless they were significantly overweight and unhealthy before. For the vast majority of us, this will plateau, and what happens when you're constantly on and off the scale is that you will get SO EXCITED about your weight loss in the beginning, and when that number starts to dwindle or stay the same, it's discouraging... ultimately leading to a feeling of defeat and often times, people give up and gain the weight back. Statistically, even more weight is gained than before.

2. If you are exercising properly, you may see an increase in the scale, or it may remain stagnant, because muscle weighs more than fat! Two times more, in fact, which is huge! It is completely possible to gain 10lbs if you are weightlifting, and look and feel better than ever. If you're stepping on the scale every day, or even once a week, while simultaneously building muscle, it is very possible that you're losing fat yet adding numbers to the scale... and that's great! But sometimes, the number on the scale might get in your head and bother you. If you are someone who might tend to wonder, "I work out so much but the number keeps climbing, or not moving..." That could be a sign that you need to ditch the scale and listen to your body!

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Taking the above two points into consideration, think about how you truly feel when you weigh yourself. The times you see a drop in the scale you feel excited, proud even. So inevitably, on the flip side, when you're still putting in the hard work to "lose weight" and the scale is not moving, or it's climbing... how does that make you feel? I know how it used to make me feel: anxious, frustrated, like I have no "self-control", or maybe I'm not working hard enough. Scales tell you little to nothing about how healthy you actually are... and mentally, they are detrimental. I can tell you that you don't have to feel like that, and it starts by ditching the scale. Focus on eating a balanced, healthy diet and treat yourself when you feel like it, with everything in moderation. Find a workout routine you love and stick to it, no excuses, because that's what your body and mind deserve. And never step on the scale again. If you are doing those two things, I bet you are healthy, happy, and fit (and know that all of those terms are relative). Listen to your intuition... do you feel good about your workout? Are you craving a salad or a sandwich? Do you feel strong? How do your favorite jeans fit? Have you moved your body today? Do you feel healthy? Focus on those questions and you're sure to be on the wellness path for the long haul.

xo, Stephanie

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